Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Letter To Gabby

Tell me, Gabby.....
What's it like?  Heaven, I mean....what does it look like? What does it sound like?
I'm glad you're free of the pain.....Free from all the procedures, poking and prodding.
You no longer have to worry about medicine and all the yucky side effects that came with them.
You are free.

I know that your parents are hurting right now. Kind of a pain that only a parent whose lost a child can understand. But I know that God has them in the palm of His hand, just like He had you.
I have about a gazillion questions as to why you left us at such a young age.
I want to scream out that your death isn't fair....
I want to yell at God and say, "You know what God...I know a few people living on the street who are evil and give no thought to you....why didn't you take one of them and let Gabby live?"
But truth is...I will sit here quietly, saying to myself..."I'm not God..He knows best."
There is no way I believe that God took you...
I do believe that sin was the culprit.
Oh, not that you sinned and brought this on yourself, but rather that the sin that came into the garden when Adam and Eve sinned opened the door to more misery than they could ever imagine.
Through that simple act of disobedience came death, sickness, illness, all manner of medical maladies.

We all fall prey to the questions at one point or another.
I guess all my questions that I want to ask God are above my pay grade.
I do know that if I get quiet and still, and weigh the fact of where you are now against the reality of the pain and suffering you left behind.....
There's no way I would want you to come back to endure and suffer through all that you faced.

Still doesn't lessen the pain in a parents heart...
But God is here with them.
God will take them through the process of grieving. He will not forsake them or leave them. Of course you know the reality of that now, don't you?

So while we struggle here on earth with our humanity....
You rest in the reality of what we only claim to believe.

If you should happen to see my mom and dad, tell them I love them, and that I'll be along shortly.

TO those of you who read this morning's post.
Gabby was a 10 year old girl who has suffered for some time with heart problems that only seemed to multiply as time passed.

I never had the opportunity to meet her, but I felt as though I've known her all my life.
We've been praying for her for some time,and God did answer our prayers. At one point the doctor's had given up on her, and the consensus was that there was nothing more they could do for her. Low and behold, Gabby was touched by God and began to show signs of improvement. The doctor's were amazed at how she responded. 

But her ten year old body was just worn out. It was yesterday when Gabby received the ultimate healing from God. She shook of the mortality of this world and this life, to go be with the one who created her. It is these thoughts, and this truth that comfort me this morning.

Please do be in prayer for her family.....
God on you...


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