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Friday, April 21, 2017

God Is

God is good!
I could write more, but I won't
I could say more, but I'll stop
I could expound on those three words "God is good"
But I choose not to
I could ask for comments on what I've written
But I don't think I will

Because sometimes we need to let simple truth sink into places
inside of us that have been devoid and empty
of such incredible truth as this.
These ideas and concepts tend to be over-explained
and often serve as places of excuse for our flaws
and nature that we, for whatever reason,
choose not to surrender to the goodness of God.
God is good.

Get it?
It's not that God WAS good...
God SHALL be good...
But the idea exist in the here and now.
God IS good.

We don't get to define or judge whether such is 
real or not.
We simply either receive or reject this truth.
As for me....
I choose to believe

God on you..

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