Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time Either Rolls On----Or Rolls Over You

Has a way of rolling on by doesn't it? Taking with it every good intention...every "Should have"...every thing we meant to do.
Once time rolls on by, there is no going back. There is only today, and if you're fortunate, a tomorrow. No guarantee about that, but at least there is today. What I do with today sets the stage for my tomorrow, should I make it.

"I'll quit tomorrow".
"This will be the last time I use, I really mean it this time."
We bolster our own pride with these empty promises, but we know the truth that we can't quit."
We know the harsh reality that if something doesn't change, we are going to travel the same path millions have and destroy everything and everyone around us for the sake of our addiction.

Harsh truth, but truth none the less. Coming face to face with this truth only overwhelms us with fear. Fear in turn sets us to flight, and the flight we take always leads back to old thought.....old friends...and old behaviors, in an effort to escape the fear.

Funny how the only requirement to be a part of A.A. is a desire to stop drinking or using.
Funny how this journey toward a new life begins with a desire.
But desire alone isn't worth much.
That is why I want to build a community or people who are on the same journey to find life. Recovery is much more than sobriety. If sobriety was the chief goal to recovery, I'd take you and stick you in a room, lock the door, and shove food and water under the door to you. I guarantee you that you would be sober by the time you came out. But the real reason for your using would not have been addressed.

Let's take a look at some verses from Jeremiah 5.
V.23 -Your iniquities have turned these things away.
In this case, God is speaking of His ability to bring prosperity and abundance to a life. When it speaks of iniquities as being the source of God with holding good things from you, it is referring to your lifestyle. Iniquities = lifestyle. We have laid hold of a lifestyle that runs against God's call to salvation and change. When we turn our backs on God to live life on our terms, God allows us to do so. But then as sure as the sun comes up, we find that turmoil and guilt and shame become our closest friends. God, who is ever loving, waits for us to return. He loves us beyond our capability to love and truly desires to give us life, real life.

V.23 - And you sins have withheld good from you.
kind of a no brainer here, isn't it. If good has been deducted from your life, that only leaves THE BAD. And what do we do? we press in more and more into that old lifestyle of using. Which only separates us more from all the good God is wanting to pour out on us. It's kind of like me having a terminal disease, yet I know someone who has the medicine I need to cure me. But because I don't really like the that individual, I refuse to take the medicine. 

So according to Jeremiah (and I think I can honestly put these two things together)...our lifestyle of addiction and the intent of our hearts, our motives, have separated us from a life that is given freely by God to those who truly want it. Sounds right to me.

That is why we do Vineyard Recovery.
We are a people who have either found this new life, or are in search of it.
We are a community of people who have found the value of allowing Jesus Christ to operate in our lives as our Higher Power.
We value the simple act of following Him, laying aside our will to embrace His.
The mission statement for Vineyard ReCovery is Following In His Steps. You do not have to take this journey alone. We are a place where you can receive encouragement. You can receive prayer (don't ever discount the power of prayer). And you can be loved for who you are, not what you've done.
We are all on this path to recovery.

Because of Christ's Redemption
I am a new creation of infinite worth.
I am deeply loved
I am completely forgiven
I am fully pleasing
I am absolutely complete in Christ
I am totally accepted.

When my performance reflects this new identity
That reflection is dynamically unique.
There has never been another person like me in the history of mankind
nor will there ever be.
God has made me an original
One of a kind
special person
And so are you!

Hopefully we'll see you Saturday night/ 7 p.m. / Vineyard Recovery.

Could be that there are some new things on the horizon concerning Vineyard ReCovery Chuch. God is taking us in a new direction that is going to undo some of the old thoughts and ways about how to address our recovery once we've made the decision to turn will and life over to the care of God. As they say on television...."Stay tuned for an important announcement!"

God on you...

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