Monday, June 12, 2017

False Belief # 4

False Belief #4
I am what I am....I cannot change....I am hopeless.

What is a belief? Well, we take a look at a situation or circumstance....
We try to come to a conclusion as to what we are focusing on.....
We create a statement that is based on our judgement as to what we have concluded about the situation or circumstance.

In many cases, our beliefs (which are formed into a system that we draw from every day) are influenced by others around us....the media that we come in contact with.....and many many other sources. We take all these things into our collective knowledge and they become the standard by which we operate in the world.

You're carrying dope and you get stopped by the police.
Said dope is discovered. Before anyone can say anything, you loudly proclaim "That's not mine!!!" Where did that answer come from? It came from the belief system that you have allowed to influence you. A belief system or view that tells you whenever you are caught in something, lie...lie...lie and then lie some more. Such is a behavior that comes out, even though we all know where this behavior is going to get you in the end. It never pays off.
False belief tells you that when confronted with the truth......lie.

Now in the case of someone who is trapped in addiction, it sometimes falls into the category of a mindset that is totally destructive and hard to budge from the mind.
When confronted with the opportunity to enter into a new life of recovery, the belief system kicks in and proclaims...."I am what I am....I cannot change...I am hopeless.

Where does this thought come from. Well you might be surprised at the answer. Some times we pick this false belief up by the way we were raised.

Lets say that as a child, you did something incredible for your mother.  Something that you didn't have to be asked to do. Your mom sees this and she loudly proclaims..."Why you're such a good boy!!!!" Makes you feel good all over. But in the next instant you drop her good china and it shatters into a gazillion little china pieces. The next voice you hear is your mom addressing you as being a bad boy. In your mind, you're trying to figure out what happened. One moment I'm the good boy........then next moment, I'm bad. The only connecting point to these two identities is the act you performed. So in your mind, the seed has been planted that if I do good things..........I must be a good boy. If I do bad things.......I must be a bad boy.

Now fast forward to today and you look at your track record in your addiction. Doesn't look too good does it? Jail......courts.........bail bonds......jail........treatment. Your self worth is non existent. Why? Because according to my false belief, I am a bad person because of what I've done in my past. Think on that long enough no matter how many chances you are given to change, and you create a dangerous road block to any and all recovery. I am what I am...I cannot change. I am hopeless. This false belief becomes the mortar that holds all of the wrong behavior in place, and will not allow the truth to enter in. Like I said...dangerous.

So what's the answer? The presence....the power...and the promises of God. He truly is a power than not only is greater than myself....but greater than any lie that holds me in darkness and bondage to addiction. So instead of allowing your wrong belief's dictate who you are and what you are not capable of doing with your life....let me put down for you to read what the apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians 15:10

But by the grace of God I AM WHAT I AM, and His grace toward me was not in vain. "

Paul no longer proclaims..."I am what I am...I cannot change...I am hopeless."
Paul has been brought to the truth that "He is what He is" because God has empowered him to do what Paul could not do for himself. No more false belief' more living in spiritual darkness trapped by a mind and heart that could not see or envision a truth that would free him.

SO what do you believe today?
That you are beyond the point of being able to change...
There is no point that has you so far removed that God cannot reach you.
All you have to do is cry out to God and He will meet you right where you are.
Winner...winner...chicken dinner.

God on you...

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