Monday, September 4, 2017

One For The Books

Psalm 148:13-14
Let them praise the name of God---It's the only Name worth praising. His radiance exceeds anything in earth and sky. He's built a monument....His very own people!

What a weekend!! Friday was our anniversary, so Vicki and I drove over to Jacksonville to Effina's for a meal. Incredible food, lots of hand-holding and whispering to each other. We took a trip down the proverbial "memory" lane, going back over our 45 years together. Finished the meal and returned home with dessert in tow. Cranked up our percolator and spent the evening just being together.

Saturday found me meeting with a group of guy's for what I refer to as the "State of Church" meeting. Every so many months I get a call from Bobby Sparks to assemble for a conclave to share what God is doing among us all. This particular time was to see what is going on, as far as spiritual warfare among the churches. To some who came, such was new and they were excited to learn about things that traditional church sometimes sidesteps or ignores. SO there was a lot of questions and hopefully some right answers.

Saturday also was VRC. 
Teaching was on connecting with the love of God. There isn't anyway a soul can truly find new life without gratitude for what Jesus has done to open the door to such a relationship. God's love is constant. Mine should be (my love for Him), and that was the point I was trying to make Saturday night. To realize how deep, wide and high God's love is for us. Returning back to Him our love, not because we have to, but because we want to. Realizing that when His Spirit connects with our spirit, there are outward behaviors that come into play.  Back in 2012, I wrote in my Bible: "Praise comes from a saved heart---one who stands outside this relationship can only mimic those he sees.True praise is tinged with gratitude...tempered with love for God, and empowered by His Holy Spirit. To stand with such fire burning inside causes a language to launched from our lips toward Heaven. Such will be received by our Heavenly Father.  In other words, we are physically demonstrating our love to God by saying or singing praise to Him."

Sunday found me at Northside Baptist, continuing this teaching about the love of God directed and demonstrated to us. I see new growth among us. I see new vision and the beginning of fresh fire from the Holy Spirit. More Lord! More!

Sunday night found me at Catalyst Recovery. Scottie Davis, who I have known for years, was saved and wanted me to baptize him. Man, that was payday. I've known Scottie for a while, and he has always teetered on the edge of salvation, but the tug of the darkness always laid claim and Scottie would never take that final step. But last night was a celebration of God's goodness and faithfulness to Scottie....Lowering him down, the old man died....raising him up...the new man came alive. I also got to see Donnie Toole get his 10 year chip. Double-pay day!!! I think I'll stick these memories back and hold on to them, so that when the day's get dark and times are hard, I can pull them out and remind myself that it's all worth it and God is still in control.

Monday's here...Labor day.
I think I will celebrate non-labor day and not hit a lick at a snake today. Maybe grill out some dog's and catch a ballgame. Like I said, "It was a wowzers weekend!"

God on you...


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