Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Saw Forgiveness

John 8:11
.....And Jesus said to her, "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more."

I saw it last night with my own eyes.
The mystery of forgiveness....
The ability to receive it....
The ability to apply it to one's life....

The ability to let go of "hating yourself....and punishing yourself for your past."
I saw the Spirit of God descend upon a young lady, and I saw her become free.

I spoke at Celebrate Recovery last night.
Small group.
Good group.
Message was from John 8...the woman who was caught in adultery. 
Not much hope in those opening verses.
She was caught in the act.

Law of the day demanded that she be killed...stoned....
No mercy anywhere to be found.
No plea for her forgiveness.
But there was Jesus.

Isn't it funny how Jesus can just undo people and put the perspective back on them when it comes to wanting to dish out pain and hurt toward others.
As the event unfolds, Jesus disarms the crowd so that they leave.
It's just Him and the woman.

I'm sure she doesn't know what to make of the whole thing.
But then comes the question.
"Where are your accusers?"
Where are the ones who wanted you dead a few moments ago?
"They have left"....

Then this Jesus........
This very one who, in the book of Genesis, spoke creation into existence with His very words....looked at the guilty woman and said.....
"Neither do I condemn you...go and sin no more."
The words of Jesus carry weight.
The forgiveness of Jesus carries life.

I saw that last night.
The young girl came forward at the end of the teaching.
She had put together a fair amount of clean time, in other words, she had not been using.
But for whatever reason, she had slipped.
Now here she was, covered and drowning in guilt and shame. Unable to forgive herself.
But I saw God do a work in her. I saw the power of God break through all that "stuff" that was choking the life out of her. I saw her get free from all the toxic emotions that come with not being able to forgive yourself.
I saw her forgive herself and then receive healing from God.
She hugged my neck, tears streaming down her face. The were tears of joy that had replaced the tears of sorrow I saw a few moments before.
She was free.
I could hear the words of Jesus....
"Neither do I condemn you....go and sin no more."

It was a good night.

God on you...


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