Monday, September 21, 2015

We All Came Down With Cabin Fever Saturday Night

Psalm 149:1
Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing His praises in the assembly of the faithful.

There were a lot of "new" songs sang this past Saturday night.
There definitely was an assembly of the family, as we gathered to worship with the Cabin Fever Band. 

We even met some of our extended family for the first time...
They came from Ft.Payne and Ashville, and went away covered with our blessings and prayers.

I've written this before, but events such as what took place on Saturday always remind me of why I became a Vineyard-ite (or maybe it's Vineyardian).  The high call of every believer to worship God first. Out of our worship comes the understanding of our place in the Kingdom. Knowing who we are in Christ, and knowing our place and call in the Kingdom work gives us the understanding to go out into the work place, school, our community and "Do the Stuff".

We had more food than you could shake the proverbial stick at. Not only did we feed the band (multiple times) but mostly everyone who showed up was able to get something. Many thanks to Todd and LeNola Bagley for putting on this family Hoo-Ha.

Got the opportunity to spend some time with Ryan Delmore, swapping songs we'd written. Had to pinch myself at one point. I've been listening to his music for 7 years, and here I was srubbing off songs with him. 

At one point, Ryan was asking about our Saturday night service and the type of music we played. The man behind Ryan is Wayne Wimpee, our percussionist and Ace Harmonica player. You can't see her, but Debbie Handy was sitting on the row behind me. So I told Ryan that we had a benediction song we did most weeks at the end of our service, "Jesus Loves You".  We commenced to churn out the chords and sang it. Ryan joined in and added lead parts. This was some kind of good stuff.

The worship set consisted of songs from previous worship CD's,as well as the new "Cabin Fever" recordins. At one point Marie Barnett told the story of how her song, "BREATHE" came about. During a hard time in her life, she was with her church worship team practicing, when she just began to sing out to the Lord. "This is the air I breathe....This is the air I breathe....Your Holy presence...Living in me....And I...I'm desperate for you....And I.....I'm lost with out You." 

John Barnett was fighting cold/sinus stuff, but still managed to scrub off my favorite song "I will Testify". After Supper, and before it was time to start, John disappeared. We couldn't find him. Turns out he'd gone upstairs and found a recliner. Curled up and slept for a bit. "Just needed to recharge the batteries", was his answer for his vanishing. The band's nickname for John is "Pappy". It was at his and Marie's ranch in Montana that this band came together to record the CABIN FEVER SESSIONS.

I guess I'll close of now, I've rambled on enough. But I do want to leave you with a short video of Marie explaining what the Cabin Fever Sessions were really all about.
God on you...
Michael b.

(Many thanks to Duke McKay for the artist rendering of the band at the top of this posting).

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