Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lamentations 3:24
"The Lord is my portion," says my soul, therefore I hope in Him.

"You have been on my mind most of the day and I thought about calling but wasn't sure when the best time would be. You see something has happened in me and I was trying to pin point where my turning point in life happened. 

You see June 1st 2008 I got locked up, June 28, 2008, I arrived at RAPHA. I believe in my heart and with all my heart some time's around my third week there, I broke down and ask You to Pray over me for my lower back, It Worked. I was healed.

I started believing in a Power Much Greater than myself, what I didn't know at that point God Touched my entire being. Today I can't picture living without His Hand nudging me along the way. My Friend all I wanted to say, I Love You Man, this all started when God used Your Hand To Touch me. May my God continue to Bless You and All The Work He has laid For You. Your Friend, Mark."

This was a message sent to me by someone who I am honored to call friend and brother.One Mr. Mark Cotney.
Mark has a few years on him. Maybe that is why we relate to each other so well. Along with the years, Mark has a lot of mileage also. His body shows the scars and pain of a life lived in the darkness of addiction. But his face shows the gratitude and glory of the Lord for being saved out of the madness.

Someone today needs to read this because of their own struggles with addiction. Too often we read the horror stories when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Death, misery, destruction seem to grab the headlines, or become the story that is passed. We need to hear the stories of the ones that have made it. We need to trumpet the name of Jesus as being the source of real life and real sobriety. That is why it is a pleasure to reprint Mark's message to me this morning.

You see, all this talk about God and His ability to end the misery of addiction is a problem to me. Either it real and true.... Or it's all a lie. Well, for me, it's true. I've seen the proof of it in the lives of those who gave up will and life,and handed over to Christ. Why not you? Why not now? Why not today? What do you have to loose except years of pain and destruction.

Psalm 107:14
He (God) brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke the chains in pieces.

God on you...

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