Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Running Late

I know.....I know.....I'm late. Sorry about it.
Got a call last night that my grandson had injured himself playing basketball, so we were off the hospital. Possible torn MCL, and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Prayers that such will not necessary, but grateful if surgery is a part of the healing process.
No, I'm not hedging my bets about healing.....

It was a late night and I had a super early morning appointment, so this kept me from posting as I normally do. Excuse the life-hiccups.

Yesterday at the Rapha Bible study, one of the men made an interesting statement.
This particular man has found himself in a place he never dreamed he would be in.
Long time user, he was saved last Saturday evening. Sunday, as he attended Seth Barber's meeting, this particular man found himself at the altar praying. He said that it felt like all manner of things were falling off of him as he prayed. Then Monday morning, during a walk, he found himself talking to God. Question after question floated through his mind about what had happened to him. Finally with all the questions piling up in his thoughts, he stopped, lowered his head and said...."God, I don't know how to live. You've got to  help me. You've got to show me how." Now if that isn't truth, I don't know what is. Here we have the perfect picture of someone saying, "I am powerless to manage my life, and I need  a power greater than myself to do it, or at least show me  how."

This is an honest place to be walking in.
This is the place where one is open to being instructed in a new way to live.
This is the place that we all need to be.

We can't...
God can...
We let Him.....

It is funny how we finally find ourselves at such a place of surrender, and then suddenly we feel as though we can take over from God. We place God in a glass case and only take him out when we are facing an emergency. You know? Kind of like "Break glass in case of emergency."
Yet, reality dictates that we cannot box God in.
IF we feel that we have or that we can, then we've got the wrong God. Might need to take another look.

Pray for this young man as he takes those first few baby steps in faith.
Appreciate everyone who stops by to read these postings....
God on you....

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