Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finding An Old Message In A New Song

I don't find much new music out there that stirs me inside. Music that stirs old passion that seems to have gotten low....a flame that needs to be rekindled. Carrie Elrod sent me a link to one of Zach Williams songs (Chain Breaker). I listened to it...."yeah, that was good"...and kind of shelved it, thinking I would get back to it. Well, it's time to "get back to it". I took it down and began to play it. For whatever reason, I have a tendency to listen to something, then lay it aside for a latter time, only to be blown away by it when I take a second listen. That's what happened to me with Zach Williams music. The fire was flamed back to life as the sounds and words filled my ears, my heart and my mind.

In fact, "Chain Breaker" was a part of our worship selection last night at Vineyard ReCovery. Carrie sang it, and boy did she sing it. It was one of those times where the Spirit comes upon a person and they sing with a passion and power that sweeps through the entire room. That song was the exclamation point on everything that took place last night. The message found in "Chain Breaker" was central to what God wanted to do in the lives of those present last night.

So, today's posting will consist of a short testimony of Zach's journey, as well was a video of "Chain Breaker". Sure is good to know that there are some folks out there who I am able to connect with and find life in their songs. Thank you, Zach Williams for not only listening to your Heavenly Father, but getting up and following Him. I think maybe that is what life is all about.....following God.
Enjoy this!!

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