Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Learning To Talk

Matthew 6:8
......For your Father knows the things you have need of before you Ask Him.

Prayer is kind of a nebulous word that the world has latched on to, to claim as it's own.
Every religion has a discipline of prayer....
A belief that what is spoken (either verbally, or thought) is heard by whatever deity is worshiped.

But there is only One who hears....
There is only One who has interjected Himself into our time and space, and has a heart to draw us all unto Himself. A heart that is moved by love for His creation.
There is only One who is also 3.
Can't explain it...
Just know it's true.

That One is who we call God. Big "G".....little "o"....little "d"....God!
God the Father...
God the Son....also known as Jesus...
And God the Holy Spirit.
Working in perfect harmony to stir, convict and save that which was lost in a garden many years back.

So here in this discipline of prayer, we find that the prayer that moves God is a cry from us to be saved....The realization that we are living outside His will and plan for our lives.
I know that when I write about "his plan" some of us cringe and get our back's all up. We don't like the idea of someone else making plans for us..........telling us what to do....it just sticks in our craw. Well, the reason it sticks, and the reason we get our backs up, is because we are rebellious. That rebellious nature that tells us that we run the ship is called a sin nature. It tells us that we need to be in control of every aspect of our life. Never mind that we actually aren't very good at running the ship. Never mind that we've run the ship aground, and it actually isn't going anywhere. This cry for help...for God to save us from ourselves and a debt that is as old as time itself, is how prayer really works. God stirs us....opens our spiritual eyes to the truth of who we are, the state of our life at that moment, and the future of our trying to continue on in this path of destruction we are creating. There is a connection made that awakens us to the truth that God is the only answer to our problem. No matter how that problem manifests itself in our life...God is that answer we've been searching for. Are you stuck in addiction? God is the answer.... Do you have bitterness and unforgivenes sin your heart? God is the answer.

Don't you find it strange that I did not say that "church" is your answer? I'm not anti-church, and I am totally for getting yourself connected to a group of folks who can help and encourage you to grow. But it all begins with this God connection that you've run into.Having been brought into relationship with God, we can now fully experience the power of praying to God. The incredible gift of being able to communicate with God..Talk to Him and He talk to us. This is what I want to grow in....prayer. To be able to breath back to God, in prayer, what His will is for me and those around me.

So with all this writing this morning about prayer, I have a prayer need that I need to share with you.
Got a call from a mom yesterday concerning her son. He is a veteran (Army) and, for whatever reason, has turned to drinking. This has been going on for some time and it has reached the point that the young man in question has asked for help. At the same time, he asked for help, he turns around and says he can quit on his own. He is drinking a bottle of vodka a day, along with whatever else he can get his hands on. The mom fully understands that if her son doesn't truly get help, it is not going to end well. So, I do believe that our mission today, if you want to join with me, is to pray God's intervention into this young man's life. An intervention of power and truth that will shake him and open his eyes to where he is in life, and what he has become. Thanks! Look forward to seeing what God does in this situation.

God on you...


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