Friday, July 14, 2017

Where Is The Voice That Calls Us To Holiness And Purity?

Ezekiel 44:23
They will teach my people the difference between what is holy and what is common, what is ceremonially clean and what is unclean.

Seems to me today that there aren't any voices (or at least I am not aware of any) that are speaking about what is holy in our society and what isn't. We seem to have adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" attitude about what is and isn't acceptable for those who are believers. You won't hear a lot of messages about purity and holiness. Why? Because it infringes upon our liberty. The one statement that I hold to is one that I heard years ago. Liberty and freedom do not give you the right to do what you want to do.......if affords you the opportunity to do what you ought to do.

Seems to me that some are offended at the idea of there being any standard to morality. A standard of purity and holiness that lifts us from the pit of self indulgence, and places us in the light and call to live as Christ instructs.

We somehow have the idea that because we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us we can take the attitudes and behaviors of the world and turn then into things that are Holy before God. I don't believe that is the way it works. Whenever I get involved in deciding what is right, pure and holy, I will probably pour in an unhealthy portion of my own fleshly, sinful desire. These two attitudes  (1.) A life of holiness and (2.) A life ruled by flesh, cannot coexist.  Contrary to the belief of some, the call to follow Christ is simply that.....a call to follow. It doesn't operate on majority opinion dictates what is right and what is acceptable. Christ has set the standard, not us.

For some, they want to set the limits in their recovery....
They want to be free and clear of drugs and/or alcohol...
But not their old friends and hangouts.
They want to be clear of their legal issues and court appearances...
But not rid themselves of the defects of character than led them to this point in their life.
In other words....Some want just enough Jesus to get them out of hell, but still allows them to pursue the leading's of their sinful nature. What I'm about to say isn't grammatically correct....."It ain't working this way...never has...never will."
We are called to pursue holiness, and such isn't a list of do's and don't's. It is a heart attitude that only Christ can bring to us. I don't live the way I do, now that I've been saved, because I have to. I live this way because I want to.

Think on this today-----Are there things in your life that are displeasing to God? Do you try and justify your actions under the guise of God's grace?
Seek that which is holy and cut off, and remove that which isn't.
God on you...........

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