Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snap Beans? Yes....Snap Decisions....No!

Philippians 4:6
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

Snap decisions......
Decisions made in haste....
Following emotion rather than waiting....
These are the downfall of many a person in recovery.

I saw it happen this last week.
He had collected and maintained over 7 months clean time.
Had a good job....
Was getting his GED...

Life was as good for him as it had ever been.
Yet because he allowed his emotion to rule his thinking, he threw it all away and left.
Such is the danger and destruction of living by snap decisions.

In the Philippians verse, Paul writes that we are to be anxious for nothing.
And what falls under "nothing"?
It doesn't matter what it is...or how important we think it may be to our well being, we are not to allow anxiousness and anxiety to rule our hearts. When I do this, I put myself at risk for not hearing God and His directions. I place myself in a hazardous situation that has the potential of not ending well.

Be anxious for nothing.
In this moments of anxiousness, we find out what we really truly believe about God. Such moments reveal who it is we turn to when real life "stuff" comes up. We find out exactly how much we have either grown in Him, or are simply playing at the religious game.
Such is the love and heart of God. He allows us to be uncovered and seen for what we truly are. Not to embarrass us or punish us, but to simply say, "Here..this is the real let's work on this and correct it." 

The right way to handle any situation where our flesh gets all up in our decision's, would be to acknowledge our desire to run things outside of God's instructions. Our desire to be selfish and want what we want when we want it. 

Paul goes on to write in verse 11, that he'd learn the secret of being content in every situation. What was this incredible secret? That he could face anything that comes his way. He could exist in any situation that he might find himself in. That he'd learn that with Christ in charge of his life, he could do all things. In other words, living in this way, there was no room for anxiousness or anxiety. No place for snap decisions. It was truly a way of life where "slow and steady win the race." 

Don't fall prey to snap decisions today.
Recognize the pressure that comes when you have to make a decision. When you feel it, pull back and spend time in prayer. Tell God about what your feeling. Tell Him you don't want to make any decision based on your own emotion or fleshly nature. Tell Him that you will wait until He has told you what to do...................then do it!

God on you...

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