Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Really good time at Rapha yesterday. Had two hungry individuals who wanted to delve into scripture and see what God had to say.
We took a stroll through I Samuel 17 (David and Goliath) and looked at it from the point that Goliath was a symbol for addiction, and David was the answer on how to truly live life. There is a battle that takes place between the thoughts of the mind, and the truth of the heart. If the heart isn't filled with the Spirit of God, then it is no battle for a temptation or craving. They will win. They will overcome and subdue.

David's ability to stand and confront a giant of man came from only one place. I Samuel 16:13 - .....And the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully upon David from that day on...
There's the power we've been searching for to overcome whatever we face daily. It is the presence and ability of God's Spirit living in those who have turned will and life over to the care of God. Now that dog'll hunt.


Once again, if it's Tuesday, then it must be prayer request day.
So here they are.

1.)One man wrote: "My ears are ringing, and have been for six months. They have become super-sensitive to sound. I healing. Thank you for praying."

2.) two members of the family have cancer. The family is really struggling at this time. Prayers for healing, and peace in the family. Seems as though fear has set up shop and is doing great damage among the members.

3.)One couple is having marriage problems. Didn't go into details (and didn't need to). Pray for God's solution to be applied to the marriage. That both parties would have their eyes, and hearts, open to see the damage that is being done. Prayer for restoration.

4.) Pray for two that have left the program. That they would see the truth about where life is taking them unless they make a turn.

5.) Prayers for New Outlook Christian Fellowship, who is an integral part of the program at Rapha. Prayers for musicians and tech people who can help with their services.If ever there was a fellowship who truly loves ministering to those in addiction, this is the place. 

Well, there you go folks...
Please be diligent in praying for these requests, and thanks for being a part, and playing a part in seeing lives turned around.

God on you....

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