Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pray For Him

Wednesday Evening: 6:45 p.m.
Night has begun to tug at the day, pulling it over to the shadows.
The day surrenders as the sun goes down. Light will return once again tomorrow to rise from the darkness in victory.
Isn't that the way it has always been? A spiritual battle for the souls of men and women?

I will sit in my chair tonight.
I will work on the posting for the Greene Street Letters.
Later in the evening, I will go to my fridge and find something to eat.....some ice cream, maybe a Jello cup.
Later, I will make my way down the hall to our bedroom, there I will lay down upon my bed and drift off into that wonderful place we call sleep.

He won't be able to do any of these things I've written about.
Tonight, I have no clue as to where he is. Is he safe? Does he have somewhere to sleep?
Has he had a meal.....something to fill the empty spot inside?
The pull to drink overwhelmed the desire to stay sober.
The darkness reached out and laid claim to him.
Oh, he made the decision to walk into the old life. No doubt about that.
At this stage of his life, I fear that such a choice may be his last. No judgment or speaking bad of him, just the truth. You make repeated trips to the darkness, pushing the envelope  of 2nd chances until it catches up and claims your life.

In our conversations together I mentioned that I didn't think he had any more trips to that rodeo. He agreed and swore that he was finished. How many times have I heard this? Not speaking bad, but it seems as though such statements are made in order to bolster ones courage. Reality is that underneath the gruff exterior lies a heart that is scared and frightened of what "might be". Frightened that the past doesn't ever seem that far away, always near to lay hold of, and drag away back to old thoughts and habits.

Such failure in ones life always unloads overwhelming amounts of shame and guilt. I often refer to these two as the "Toxic Twins". These feelings are often the fuel that motivates an individual to return to their old lifestyle.

He has seen too many years....more than most, and like someone who has walked that old path, it has taken its toll on his body. Many health problems that are only going to get worse if he continues this journey. I guess I've written this so that you might pray for him. Pray that he'll get caught, arrested or what ever it takes to get him into a setting where he can get some help. Pray God's protection over him that the enemy not be allowed to destroy this man. Pray that the Holy Spirit would bring to his mind things that he has heard and read over the past few months, and that his heart would be quickened to repentance and return to the Giver of Life.

Please Pray for Him.
God on you....

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