Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Recap

Yeah, Buddy! It's Friday....
What a week it has been.
Sunday night, I was at Celebrate Recovery watching Seth Barber give one of the best teachings I have ever heard. More than that, I saw God's Spirit uncover hearts and bring them to a healing place.

Monday night I was with Garrett Rule and the Vibe.There I saw a pure, unbound, get-on-your-feet and worship till you drop-generation who was falling in love with Jesus. After those two nights, I came away with a sense that God is alive and well in this upcoming generation. 

You see, I'm beginning to see the need to pass the message and the vehicle to this next generation. To seek out those people who burn for Jesus and aid them in any way I can. To mentor and aid and equip those who feel the call to take the message to those who are still in darkness. 

Tuesday night was teaching night at Rapha. Each Tuesday and Thursday, I hold an "8 0'clock" Bible study. It is voluntary and we usually have between eight to twelve men show up. During this time, I try to personalize the message to them. To kind of kick it up a notch, if you will. It's more than just about salvation, it's about the next step in this journey of following Jesus. What they can expect if they truly buy into this journey. Lot's of prayer for healing and support usually accompany these Bible studies.

Wednesday found me at New Seasons Celebrate Recovery in Southside. Good folks out there. Charlie Pitts heads up the meeting and he truly has a heart for people in addiction and recovery. God was more than gracious in this meeting, as five were saved. I will never tire of seeing new hearts come to know Jesus. To me, it's like getting a payday. You go, God!!!

Thursday took us to another Bible study at Rapha. Jeremiah Smith comes out to join us for these studies, and the men have grown fond of seeing him pull up in his truck. Jeremiah is what I refer to as "the love of God on two legs". He truly does love these men who are in the program at Rapha.
Taught from I Kings 18:21, the prophet Elijah talking to the people before the contest with the Baal prophets to see who had the real God. Elijah tells the people, "How long will you falter (hesitate) between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him." But the people answered him not a word." Hesitation has been the death of many a good person. God constantly is giving us opportunities to choose life, real life with Him, over this life that is offered up by the world. If you go over to Revelation Chapter 3 and read about the church of the Laodiceans, you'll see that they were a bunch of fence straddler's who could choose one way or the other. God says that they were neither hot nor cold. Living in such a place of hesitating to go one way or the other, made God sick at His stomach. In fact, when we don't choose God nor reject Him either, we have actually made our choice. Like I said, hesitation will kill you.

So, here we are...

Tonight Vicki and I will drive to Centre, Alabama and be with Donnie and Shelly George and the good folks at Celebrate Recovery. Every time I go there to speak, I am amazed at the receptive hearts that attend this meeting week in and week out. If I could sum up what I see when I go to this meeting, it would be the love of God in action. Folk's loving on folk's who have never been loved on before. Isn't that what the church is suppose to do? I think so.

Tomorrow night, I'll be at Vineyard Recovery Church for another meeting. Saturday night has become super special for me. Anxious to see what God will do next when we gather. Anxious to worship with my family and friends. Anxious to see what God will uncover in me and what He desires to teach us all. 

Well, for better or worse ( and I like to think for the better)

that is my life.
If you're free, come on out and join us tomorrow night for VRC.
Starts at 7 p.m.

God on you....

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