Thursday, April 16, 2015

Prayer List

James 5:16
.......The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

One of the things that I have come to enjoy is going back to Rapha each week. My absence seems to have created an interest among the men when I do go back. Yesterday, I went out in preparation for the Bible Study I teach there on Wednesday evenings. My timing was such that I caught the men between classes, so they were scattered all around the camp, talking, eating snacks, and just hanging out before going back to class.

I made my way around the camp, stopping to talk with each one and, as I did, I took with me a pad to write down any prayer requests that they might have.
What I would like is for you to join me in praying for these men. I mean lets really commit to prayer on their behalf. Due to the privacy laws, I am going to use initials instead of names by the prayer need.

1.) T. K.- Comes from a really hard life. Prison is all he's ever known and at this point in time, he really is working hard to turn his life around. He asks that we pray to know Jesus better. That T. knows he is at a turning point in his life and there are fears that come to his mind about making this transition.

2.) J.S.- He is suffering with a sever allergy/cold situation. He is in good spirits but would really like to be healed of this. I did pray with him after I wrote down his prayer need, but let's keep him covered in prayer.

3.) M.S.- He wants to be free of old feelings and old ways so he can reestablish connections with his kids and grand kids. He also wants to let go of his anger toward  his ex-wife. M. knows that he is the one responsible for all the damage and destruction in his family. 

4.) S.M.- Desires a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

5.) D.G.- Has been going through some serious health issues. Needs a major healing from God. Also ask for prayer for Rapha, that God's presence would bring peace and harmony for the camp. There was also a request for prayer for a friend of their family who lost a son to a drug overdose. Prayers that God would comfort the family during this time of grieving.

6.) L.P. - Asked for prayer that God would provide peace of mind and help to stay focused for the tasks at hand.

7.) K.S.- prayers for a daughter who has breast cancer. The cancer is at advanced state, but K.S. believes that God is a God who still heals.

8.) J.B.- Going home this Friday after completing the program. Asked for prayer that he would be sensitive to God's leading, and that he would be able to find people to connect with, rather than his old running mates.

9.) B.G.- He is focusing only on each day, not looking ahead. His prayer was that each day would be productive and give him what he needs to move forward with his life.

I am going to try and start posting here at the Greene Street Letters every Thursday the prayer needs of those at Rapha. Let's be diligent in our prayers for these men, and watch as God works in their lives.

God on you...


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